1 Click Harvest Animal Tree FarmVille

By | April 24, 2010

1 Click Harvest FarmVille Animal Tree ! looks like farmville just updated the way to harvest animals and trees 🙂

glowing pink diamond on ready to harvest animals

when you see this pink glow color on the animals, means they’re ready to harvest right ?
and if usually we click them, and must choose harvest food that the animals produce… now we’ll never see it again 😛

because with a single click we will see the coins added !

no more click brush kitten for cat

well too bad we’ll never know what the animal produce anymore :/
but i love this new feature ! and this also goes with trees

oh ya, don’t worry for the baby turkey and ugly duckling if you still want them for the cuteness and don’t want to change for adult turkey or beautiful swan. The options will still be there 🙂

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