100 Chimneys Level 11 – 20 Walkthrough

By | December 17, 2012

Unlock the door and proceed to next level easier with 100 chimneys level 11 – 20 walkthrough ! these first stages solution are still easy, just wait for more update for more level because Amphibius Developers will give constant updates of New Chimneys EVERY week!

With the Holidays just around the corner, Santa needs your help! Enjoy 100 brand NEW Christmas themed levels and festive challenges.

help answer for 100 chimneys cheats :

100 chimneys level 11 walkthrough
click the hammer near between the woods in fireplace
use it to break the right brick
get the toy part, and use it on toy to make it move
the door will open when the robot touch the red button

100 chimneys level 12 walkthrough
use hammer and break the right order of this christmas decoration
blue – purple – pink – red – white – red – blue – yellow – orange

100 chimneys level 13 walkthrough
use white shape below the puzzle to click the right order :
row – column : 2-1, 2-2, 1-1, 3-3, 2-3

100 chimneys level 14 walkthrough
find all the train rail there are 5 starting from the christmas tree
connect the rail and press red button

100 chimneys level 15 walkthrough
open the present for axe, and break the brick start from middle


100 chimneys level 16 walkthrough
use the axe on christmas tree, pick up the matches
put the wood on snowman then use the matches
click the snowman for hat and key
use key to open door

100 chimneys level 17 walkthrough
get the carrot, stick and scarf
put them all on the snowman, don’t forget the tree on inventory

100 chimneys level 18 walkthrough
pick up the ball, and rocket
put the ball on cannon and rocket too
use matches on the rocket

100 chimneys level 19 walkthrough
drag the brown stone on floor and collect the snowflakes until you see a “star” on christmas tree

100 chimneys level 20 walkthrough
put the squares on the right spot, it will make “2013”

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