100 Doors 2013 Level 26 – 30 Walkthrough

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15 level for new update just released today ! the answer cheats available for you in 100 doors 2013 level 26 – 30 walkthrough here :P

pass these level easily using the help solution that i give you here, just ask if you need more hint with the door that you stuck

100 doors 2013 answers :
100 doors 2013 level 26 walkthrough
make the block show how many they are, like the numbers 3 6 5 9 4 2
tips : for 6 and 2 you need to show all the shape

100 doors 2013 level 27 walkthrough
it’s christmas theme, and there are 3 items you need to click (this one just like on level 25)
too easy right ? just match where the symbol with the items around it
example : box – christmas tree + socks

100 doors 2013 level 28 walkthrough
give the milk and fish to the cat
get the bone to the bowl to see the dog
use the dog to scare the cat :P


100 doors 2013 level 29 walkthrough
cut 2 spring with the pliers
now drag both ‘button’ down
like the arrow you need to tilt your device so the ball move left

100 doors 2013 level 30 walkthrough
get a ‘skull’ from the skeleton and open the door
you’ll see a teeth
cut off all teeth by clicking the skeleton and the tooth one by one

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