100 Doors Android Level 1 – 10 Walkthrough

By | July 21, 2012

Play 100 doors android puzzle game on your phone device ! and if you stuck you can always see the walkthrough guide here to pass for each door levels 🙂

here are the first ten level introduction which i think still easy and challenging ! search to find the answer for any floor level in this site 😀

100 doors walkthrough solution :

100 doors level 1 walkthrough
just tap the green button to go to next door !

100 doors level 2 walkthrough
Take a key behind the picture (right to the door) by clicking it
use it to open the door

100 doors level 3 walkthrough
Match the egg shells crack (third on left + first on right)
tap the door

100 doors level 4 walkthrough
eww a blood ? Turn your device upside down then click the red button

100 doors level 5 walkthrough
Open the door with your two finger just like the arrow sign
take the fish and give it to the bear

100 doors level 6 walkthrough
128 Ve980 ? and a teddy bear
the hint is you need to write i love you with the phone number here
just click these numbers 45683968.

100 doors level 7 walkthrough
Shake your device to make the stone drop
tilt your smartphone, place the stone over the button.

100 doors level 8 walkthrough
Hold 2 lever until the door open !

100 doors level 9 walkthrough
door color ? hint is first color letter : Dark red, Orange, Red, Cyan,Lime green
so press dark red, orange twice, red, cyan, orange, lime green, orange, red

100 doors level 10 walkthrough
Break glass case with the rock
use the axe to the cords you will see a hint key to press the red button based on L = left button R = right button
so press L R R L L R L R

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