100 Doors Level 54

By | August 11, 2012

A new door just released today : 100 doors level 54 and i think there are more levels coming soon

actually i’m stuck with the new level here, so if anyone who already pass this level can you give us a clue or a walkthrough ?

on the top of the door there’s an arrow, and the pointer is half color : blue and red
on the side of the door there are 6 stars with 3 different color in 1 star :

i think the hint is on the arrow ? i already tried several combination where the colors point to
but there’s still none 😐

so anyone can help us with a solution ? please 🙂

thx to linda we’ve got the answer here, but there’s still no explanation for this >.<

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  • Martina visser

    Im stuck on this one to.. i think i tryed every conbination but I can’t get it.. I tryed after every combination to swipe on the arrow or on the doors or to tilt my phone, but nothing happens.. anyone?

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  • Daria

    LEFT SIDE from top to bottom: 1x, 4x, 1x
    RIGHT SIDE from top to bottom: 0x, 5x, 0x