100 Doors Level 59 – 60 Solution

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Final 2 levels for this update ! these doors quite hard, so if you need walkthrough see it in here : 100 doors level 59 – 60 solution

so don’t throw away your phone if you’re stuck :D just follow these answers to solve and pass each door :

100 doors level 59 walkthrough
there’s a blue thing , wood + paper, + vase + rock
i don’t really get it, but i can pass this door with these steps :
close up first, close second, for the 3rd close-open-close-open-close

so :
click the blue thing
click the left wood
click the rock 3x it will move to the door, and back 2x and the door will suddenly open
i don’t know if it’s a bug or it’s the answer :P

100 doors level 60 walkthrough
there are several hint on the door :
1st door : triangle, 1, 7
2nd door : 2 circle and a square
3rd door : 2 diamond + 7
4th door : 5 and 7
5th door : a big circle
6th door : a big square

now there’s a number from 1-9 with a-z under number 2-9

actually you don’t really need to think that hard, you only need to count how many Symbols you can see on each doors
if you missed it : 1 3 2 2 1 1

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