100 Doors Parallel Worlds Level 18 19 20 Walkthrough

By | January 26, 2013

Last 3 door of stage 1 to pass, then you can move on to stage 2 ! finish them quick using 100 doors parallel worlds level 18 19 20 walkthrough !

the first puzzle is quite frustating, but just restart the level and follow our help guide

100 doors parallel worlds stage 1 solution :

100 Doors Parallel Worlds Level 18 Walkthrough
make all the blue arrow point to the red dots !
each clock will make another clock moves too, so here are the solution :
press middle clock 4x
press right clock 5x
all clock should pointed red now !

100 Doors Parallel Worlds Level 19 Walkthrough
get the flute then use it on the snake
swipe the snake so it sleep
shake your phone / device to make the block fall
make the snake sleep again to pass the door


100 Doors Parallel Worlds Level 20 Walkthrough
get both white ball and put them on the tube
swipe them like the maze line
example for the left : touch the ball swipe down right and up
don’t let go the ball once you touch it ! because in my case it got stucked and i must restart
do the same thing to the right ball
once it touch the point, the door will open

proceed to stage 2 !

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