100 Doors Parallel Worlds Level 86 87 88 89 90 Walkthrough

By | February 19, 2013

New update today with 10 door to solve ! let’s get the solutions for 5 set here in 100 doors parallel worlds level 86 87 88 89 90 walkthrough and help us with comments on the levels we stucked on

the puzzle is very hard because there’s so minimum hint >.< so let's work together to pass each level here ! 100 doors parallel worlds stage 5 help : 100 Doors Parallel Worlds Level 86 Walkthrough
we’re on sector 45 with code name EVA-01
4 numbers to enter to keypad
i’m guessing the numbers is from EVA-01
which eva = alphabet to numbers => 5221-01 = 5220
and…. wrong 😐
any help ?
we have the answer thx to arik and roby : 5200

100 Doors Parallel Worlds Level 87 Walkthrough
make all buttons into green

100 Doors Parallel Worlds Level 88 Walkthrough
the numbers are mirrored :


100 Doors Parallel Worlds Level 89 Walkthrough
freya ragnarok jotunheim odin rex ???
i don’t understand what is this, i think it got something to do with thor ? LOL
i’ve tried the coordinates and wrong 😐
thx to islandz : 1164

100 Doors Parallel Worlds Level 90 Walkthrough
and.. i still don’t get it, i tried it one by one until the number 42 open the door =))
can anyone explain why ?

proceed to level 91

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  • nissanone

    anyone figure out level 86 yet? im stuck :s

  • jay

    Don’t understand why? But the answer is 5200.

  • tubecheats

    Missed 18/2 update, just downloaded 19/2 update. Loo,ed briefly at l86 nut not worked it out yet either; was using same technique described above – will update on here in due course 😉

  • arik

    EVA-01 IT IS THE JAPANESE ROBOT used in the movies,but howit help us I don’t know)))

  • iSebC

    Hello, level 86 is very strange… On first, i’ve tried to convert EVA from alphabet letter number but this is not the answer.

    In another hand, EVA-01 is a manga character… Sometimes compared to lucifer. Then I’ve tried beast number : 666 and other stuff but no way… It’s wrong !

    If someone has an idea… It will be cool 🙂

  • arik

    The code is 5200. Stupid game. V=21, but normaly V=22

  • roby


  • robyrob

    5200 e=5 v=20 a=1 -01

  • tina

    Stuck on level 88 any help wouls be much appreciated x thank you

    • admin

      try 5239 🙂

  • islandz

    Someone never went to math class. They put the coordinates backwards. 1164

    • admin

      LOL ~ thanks islandz

  • Paolo

    Abt level 90,its from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

    • admin

      thanks ! i just google it and it explain everything 😛

  • tracy

    level 89 code is 1164 dnt ask me how bt i found it on youtube so thought id share wit u all

  • Schrinus

    1164 cause of the connection from A1 to F4 on the map.
    A is the 1st Letter and F the 6th… 1164

  • kaitlin

    The answer to 90 is from hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. It is the super computer’a answer to the question

  • tina

    The answer to 90 is 42 🙂

  • tina

    The answer to level 91 is 345321456321561

  • tubecheats

    Apologies for mis-spellings on previous comment, not sure what happened there…anyway, I have to agree, level 86 is stupid. I will be writing to devs about it since theoretically the answer should be 5220, not 5200, and I would like an explanation as to why/how they made it so badly.

  • Victor

    The answer to nivel 90 is the number 42 because this the meaning of live according to the novel named ” The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. I think what that is the name of novel in English, in Spain is similar. Grettins from spain, If my English is bad, im sorry