100 Doors Runaway Level 86 87 88 89 90 Walkthrough

By | August 3, 2013

Here are the solution for the last 5 stage of 100 doors runaway level 86 87 88 89 90 walkthrough some of them are pretty easy to solve 😛 so i doubt if you need my help on the first 3 door !

but we kinda stuck on level 89, which we don’t quite understand why it’s missing roman 4 😐 so anyone can help ?

here are the cheats :

100 doors runaway level 86 walkthrough
get the saw under table
get the cup on chair
cut the bar on top left by tapping
hit the officer with cup LOL
get the key

100 doors runaway level 87 walkthrough
rotate the circle :
right 3x
top 2x
left 4x
bottom 3x

100 doors runaway level 88 walkthrough
get the lantern
use it on the bbq grill
rotate the bbq until the smoke get through the door
get the key and open the door


100 doors runaway level 89 walkthrough
2010 – 2011 – 2012 – ????
i think it’s the roman number right ?
thanks for the answer on the comment section :

100 doors runaway level 90 walkthrough
tilt you phone to make the compass move
you must have it pointed to : N S E W N W E S
also press set button on every point

proceed to 100 doors runaway level 91 answers

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    Level 89 solved

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      thank you 😀