100 Doors Underground Level 11 12 13 14 15 Walkthrough

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5 more stage solutions for you to see on dark doors escape game by mobest media : 100 doors underground level 11 12 13 14 15 walkthrough even though it’s still the beginning the puzzles are hard

Use your puzzle skills to find the way to open each door in order to proceed to next room!

help for 100 doors underground cheats :

100 doors underground level 11 walkthrough
change the square color like the fruits color
here’s a hint for you :P
1 orange 2 green 2 yellow and 3 red
i’m sure based on each fruit you can figure out the answer already !

100 doors underground level 12 walkthrough
slide the door to right
slide the door to left
and slide the bars to the top

100 doors underground level 13 walkthrough
4 digits of numbers, these are missing some lines
change the 0000 into the right numbers
i’ve tried every possible numbers and stuck :(
did i miss some number ? anyone can help please ?

thx to andrea we have the answer : 5271


100 doors underground level 14 walkthrough
get the sword, swipe the yellow ring
tap key to open the door

100 doors underground level 15 walkthrough
change the animal of predator = red and the rest green
there are only 6 red animal here :)
get the key from zebra and open door

proceed to level 16

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    In level 13, one must choose the numbers that, when combined with the lines, forms four number eight. Is okay to post said numbers here?