100 Doors Walkthrough Level 41 – 45 Solution

By | July 26, 2012

Find the last 10 door solution here in 100 doors walkthrough level 41 – 45

just ask if you need more guide for each floors, so i can give you the answer 🙂

look for the next 5 level on 100 doors level 46 – 50 solution

remember to try solve each level without looking these answer first, if you stuck and need some hint to pass it then read them here !

100 doors solutions :

100 doors level 41 walkthrough
hint : 1st square < 2nd square so make the wood like this : 100-doors-level-41

100 doors level 42 walkthrough
there are guns and some bar, the hint is ammo ! click the gun from the small ammo to big ammo
here are the order :
old gun middle of the right side
handgun two up from the bottom on the left
shotgun three from the bottom on the left
bottom gun on the left
machine gun two up from the bottom on the right
top machine gun on the right
gun top one on the left
gun two from the top on the right
rocket launcher bottom one on the right
truck two from the top on the left

100 doors level 43 walkthrough
just swap the shape color !
remember the upside down shape color must be the same position

100 doors level 44 walkthrough
you only need to tilt your phone to make the trolley move
make the trolley hit the button, follow the bic circle – small circle on the floor :
top right button
bottom left button
bottom right button
top left button

100 doors level 45 walkthrough
there are 12 symbol on the door, you need to change the 4 square shape on the left and right into the symbols on the door, but not the outside one
here’s the answer picture :

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  • gee

    I was so lost until your comment helped out. Very easily explained. Thanks. Keep me going as more doors become available

  • jan van der valk

    What is the logica in level 45? Just clicking?