100 Doors X Level 51 – 60 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 30, 2012

Update your iphone game and find out how to pass for each door solution with 100 doors x level 51 – 60 walkthrough !

the hint is available if you want to know the logic for each stage and how to solve the puzzle

answer guide :

100 doors x level 51 walkthrough
hint is on the door arrow + colors : red freen yellow brown white
based on the colors on top, click the pictures in the right order :
bottom right
top right
top right
middle left
middle left

100 doors x level 52 walkthrough
change the flag like wind direction :
left flags from top click 2nd flag and 3rd flag
right flags from top click 1st flag, 2nd flag and 4th flag

100 doors x level 53 walkthrough
change the star like this picture
or just click from top to bottom :
left : 1x 4x 1x
right : 0x 5x 0x

100 doors x level 54 walkthrough
fear + animal : click
elephant – mouse – cat – dog – snake – eagle

100 doors x level 55 walkthrough
click the top and bottom sockets on left and right side to make all green lights

100 doors x level 56 walkthrough
drag the circle to middle so you can see the number
then press 5 – 3- 9 -7

100 doors x level 57 walkthrough
click bucket and use it on fire hydrant
use the bucket on fire, click the door

100 doors x level 58 walkthrough
click the blue stone on left and grey paper on right
now click the bottom left stone until the door open

100 doors x level 59 walkthrough
everytime you open the door you will see shape and number
remember how many of them, each time you open
when you see the keypad, enter 1 3 2 2 1 1

100 doors x level 60 walkthrough
use the horse to move L and turn all squares into grey
there are many ways to do it
if you need the answer :
column from left to right : A-D
row from top to bottom : 1-4
move the horse to these step :
C2 A3 C4 D2 B1 C3 D1 B2 D3 B4 A2 C1 B3 D4 B3 A1 B3 C1 A2 C3 A4 C3 A2 C1

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