100 Dungeons Cheats

By | July 25, 2013

As a treasure hunter who love adventures you must solve the puzzle of each door to enter another dungeon ! so use 100 dungeons cheats to know how to solve each of the puzzle that awaits you 🙂
so lets start with the first 10 stage solution, which i think it’s very easy to pass :

100 dungeons level 1 walkthrough
click the door handle to open

100 dungeons level 2 walkthrough
tap the key and use it on the lock so the door open

100 dungeons level 3 walkthrough
slide the plank to left or right, then press the door to open

100 dungeons level 4 walkthrough
click the king picture, then get a key to open the lock

100 dungeons level 5 walkthrough
tap the rock a couple of time so it reveal a symbol of the door
press it


100 dungeons level 6 walkthrough
shake your phone / device so the fire gone

100 dungeons level 7 walkthrough
get the hammer and break the door stone

100 dungeons level 8 walkthrough
tilt your phone upside down so the ball on left move up and the door will be open

100 dungeons level 9 walkthrough
tap each plank that blocking the door so it break in half

100 dungeons level 10 walkthrough
tap the stone on the left
then tilt your phone / device to the right
so the stone move to the red button

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