100 Dungeons Level 11 – 20 Walkthrough

By | July 25, 2013

Can’t find your way out and stuck on one of these puzzle door ? now you don’t need to worry, because if you have any problem solving them we will help you with 100 dungeons level 11 – 20 walkthrough 🙂
Don’t get stuck to long, because with these solution guide you will know how to find your way out for each puzzle dungeon :

100 dungeons level 11 walkthrough
count how many leaves with color for each button :
red : 4
yellow : 4
blue : 3
purple : 4

100 dungeons level 12 walkthrough
shake your phone / device so all the candles drop down
place the candle into the right spot :
large candle on top left
2 candle on bottom left
1 candle on right
get the key and open the door

100 dungeons level 13 walkthrough
tap the button on columns with order :
1. bottom left
2. top left
3. bottom right
4. top right

100 dungeons level 14 walkthrough
tap the left lever so the tnt move down
get the torch and burn the tnt

100 dungeons level 15 walkthrough
change the color on the door like the color on wall
top left : red
top right : yellow
middle : orange
bottom left : purple
bottom right : green


100 dungeons level 16 walkthrough
pull down the middle chain, then click the lever

100 dungeons level 17 walkthrough
press and hold the left ball to the top
some gears will pop up
press the right rock to reveal a red button
click it

100 dungeons level 18 walkthrough
tap the leaf on the right spot so the red and blue gem fall down
place red gem on left and blue gem on right

100 dungeons level 19 walkthrough
slide the left plank down to reveal a key
get it and open the door

100 dungeons level 20 walkthrough
drag each puzzle piece to complete the door picture

100 dungeons level 21 walkthrough
get 2 doors side and place it on door

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