100 Dungeons Level 41 42 43 44 45 Walkthrough

By | August 13, 2013

Step by step guide to solve the puzzle door on 100 dungeons level 41 42 43 44 45 walkthrough so you can continue to pass on the next dungeon stage, but most of them are easy so you must try it your own before see this help 😛
the answer for every doors already on each room, just watch out for some wrong hint like the one on level 43 where there’s a blue color instead green.

here are the cheats to open the dungeon door :

100 dungeons level 41 walkthrough
tap all the key on left
choose the :
– red key to open top left lock
– blue key to open bottom right lock
– green key to open top right lock
– yellow key to open bottom left lock

100 dungeons level 42 walkthrough
pick up the torch and use it on the candle to light it up
rearrange the position :
– red torch on top left
– yellow torch on top right
– green torch on bottom right
– brown torch on bottom left


100 dungeons level 43 walkthrough
pick up the hammer and use it to press the crate
grab the key and click on the lock

100 dungeons level 44 walkthrough
tap on the blue vase on the top right shelf until it fall down
pick up the key and open the lock

100 dungeons level 45 walkthrough
drag the chain down to the 50 stone
tap the crate until it moves to the stone
tap the lever on left, the stone will going up and down breaking the crate
get the key to open the door

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