100 Dungeons Level 56 57 58 59 60 Walkthrough

By | August 24, 2013

There are 8 new level to solve for this week update, and we already finish them all 😀 so take a look 100 dungeons level 56 57 58 59 60 walkthrough to easily pass all the dungeon doors !
I think there’s a bug on level 59 where if you start the game by selecting the level, you won’t see the candle on right side.. so for now you must play it from level 58 to go for level 59

here are the answers to pass the puzzle door :

100 dungeons level 56 walkthrough
tap the crate box until it moves in front of 50 weight
drag the chain to the gear so the weight moves up
leave it so the chain break and reveal the key
pick up key and press the lock

100 dungeons level 57 walkthrough
click the 5 stone on left shelf until it drop
tilt your phone / device to the right so the stone breaking the crate
get key and open lock

100 dungeons level 58 walkthrough
drag the ruby stone to the stick so the sunlight reflect to the woods and create fire
drag the torch to the fire
swipe the ice on left and door plank side
drop the ruby and shake your phone / device to put out the fire
drag the plank to the left / right
click the door


100 dungeons level 59 walkthrough
drag the ruby stone to the stick
drag the right candle to the left candle
wait until the ice on door melt down

100 dungeons level 60 walkthrough
tap the ice on top below the “skip” button
get the hammer and break the door

proceed to next 100 dungeons level 61 – 65 cheats

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