100 Dungeons Level 66 67 68 69 70 Walkthrough

By | August 30, 2013

More update for this week and leave you 2 more dungeon for level 70 😀 read how to solve each puzzle door on 100 dungeons level 66 67 68 69 70 walkthrough and watch out ! because there are some dungeons that need to pass in 1 move, if you make a wrong moves then you must restart 😐
here are the solutions to pass the puzzle door :

100 dungeons level 66 walkthrough
drag the ball to bottom left spot
use the torch to leave a mark
move the ball to upper right spot
use the torch to make the ball bigger and door will open

100 dungeons level 67 walkthrough
put the chain connector to the door handle
now connect both chain to the connector
press both red button to make the door open

100 dungeons level 68 walkthrough
tap the left stone until it moves to the middle
shake your phone / device so the firewoods on ceiling drop down
drag the black stone on right to the stone so it creates fire
shake your phone / device to put out the fire
tap the door to open


100 dungeons level 69 walkthrough
drag the top crate to the chain and use the torch on the firewoods
when the fire make the crate explode a purple gem will drop
continue for the rest 2 crates
then shake your phone to make the fire off
drag the gems on the left spot

100 dungeons level 70 walkthrough
move the gear chain pointing top
press the red button and the door will open
i don’t really get what’s the puzzle on this stage

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