100 Escapers Level 10 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 13, 2012

Mester with picture on the door ? get the solution in 100 escapers level 10 walkthrough here !

here are the step by step guide how to pass this stage incase you stucke 😛

room 10 solution :
find a rubber lid near from the bottle between the door and bar
go to room with freezer
get ice from freezer
get lemon on the table

look at the campari picture for a hint code, here’s the answer for the drinks puzzle :
you’ll get 2 bottles of booze in your inventory
zoom out and get a glass from the bar (zoom out)

tap on bar where you got knife and dip glass in bowl of sugar
use knife to break up ice
use knife to cut lime
find lime juicer by window on right side floor
combine lime and juicer to get cup of lime juice.

add two bottles of booze
add ice
add rubber lid
pour drink into glass and add slice of lime
go serve at hole in door
you’re done ! the door will open by now

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