100 Escapers Level 12 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 14, 2012

Make a parachute by combining some items ! see the steps on 100 escapers level 12 walkthrough

we will help you with the solution guide below :

get the dress on the left
go to right room
get a door wheel on the net
put the door wheel on the door next room
open the door, zoom in and take a magnet (red blue item)
go to sewing machine and get the knife
use the knife to cur the white ropes that hanging

go to the room with table
pick up the bag next to it
zoom in the table and pick up 2 items :
ruberbands and thread

back to the room with red net
use the magnet to get a needle from haystack

add the thread + needle
then put it on the sewing machine

combine knife with dress 2x to get a cloth with hole
combine it with rubberbands
then add rope
put this item on sewing machine to make a parachute

add the bag to the parachute
go to the open door and jump for level 13

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