100 Escapers Level 13 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 14, 2012

There’s only a little hint for this stage, but don’t worry we will help you with 100 escapers level 13 walkthrough

you’re on a plane, go to the front room to see 2 SKELETON !
it really surprised me 😐
pick up a chisel inside the left skeleton body

go to the room with radio
open the wood on the top right and get the chisel handle
combine the chisel + handle

go back to the front, now look on right skeleton
use the chisel to open the right skeleton head ! i wonder how you can put an item there 😛
get the key from the head

on the left skeleton open the head too
pick up a paper hint code

go to the safe and use the key to open, then press a button

go back to the radio and on the bottom lever pull them down into words : r o o m
on the top left panel of radio, press 1 3
door will open now 🙂 go to level 14

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  • Caci

    Dude, there’s a key to the safe inside the skeleton’a head…I couldn’t get out until I opened the safe and pushed the button inside.