100 Escapers Level 14 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 14, 2012

Fix the lever to open door 14 ! We provide the help solution here on 100 escapers level 14 walkthrough

the answer is you only need to use some combination tool 🙂 here’s the step by step guide :
go right, zoom in the cabinet and open right door to get a cutting tool
go to window, zoom in and using the cutting tool get right glass of the window
also there’s a small cube you can get on the right side

on room with table
get a welding mask from the box, combine the glass with this mask
open the cabinet and get a tongs
use the tongs to cut a metal rod from the cafe on table

combine tongs and cube to make a hole
then add a metal rod
and last, add the mask

go to the brown generator and you’ll get a hammer ?
use the hammer on the lever near door
the door will open ! now go to level 15

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