100 Escapers Level 15 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 14, 2012

Prepare the food for the tiger to pass door 15 ! Step by step answer is available in 100 escapers level 15 walkthrough

i wonder why the solution can’t be simple by using the weapon to kill the tiger 😛
if you using the weapons to tiger, it will give you a ‘finger’ !

here’s the guide to make food :
get a plate on the wall
go to right, zoom in the sink and get :
grapes, parsley, and knife

go to windows for chicken that swill wrap with plastic and apples

now go to the stove
use the chicken on stove to cook it
then put it on the plate
combine with parsley

cut the apple using knife and add to the plate
combine with grapes

go to the door and give this food to the tiger 🙂

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