100 Escapers Level 16 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 14, 2012

There’s a code on the door 16 😐 we’re still figuring what the answer, let’s discuss it here on 100 escapers level 16 walkthrough

so far, here are the solution :

get the rust bucket and paper on the left side
take a glass from the table
you can fill the bucket with water from the sink
use it on the colored candy on the right side

there are 6 red 15 yellow and 3 green

you can put the glass to the chemical glass on the top (red)
where you will have red – green – cyan
fill the bucket with water again and pour onto the red one
you’ll have a brown looking color
put the paper into the glass, and you’ll have 3 yellow and 2 green

that’s all you have to figure the code 😐
another hint is on the top of the door : green – red – yellow
and the plane still doesn’t make any sense

anyone can help ?
here’s some color combination if it can help

update : the official finally released the hint !
the code is : plane name, green, orange and yellow dots.

Plane name is B52. (have you ever heard about cocktail B52?)
Green dots : 5

so the door 16 code is : b525518

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  • Amy

    The sign above the door is a B52 with colored dots. Add the dots on the paper to the colored candy dots. B52, 5, 5, 18. (The red dot at the rim of the candy jar doesn’t count)

    • admin

      thanks amy, just read the official tips too 😀