100 Escapers Level 17 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 14, 2012

There’s a glass blocking the way, fix the machine to pass this stage ! solution is available on 100 escapers level 17 walkthrough 🙂

get a saw handle near the machine on the right side (don’t zoom in)
go to room with window and get a hammer and nails

go to right where you find a white sofa
use the hammer to break the lock on 2nd drawer
and get a wire + screwdriver inside
under the sofa get a saw blade
combine the saw blade + handle

go to the front desk ? where you can get a wood on the wall
using the saw, cut the right rod on the wall

combine the rod with wire
combine the nails with wooden board
combine screwdriver with hammer

zoom in the machine
and put the rod on the hole
zoom out, now put the board on the door
then place the hammer on the machine (zoom out)

press the hammer and the door will open !
time for stage 18 🙂

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