100 Escapers Level 2

By | October 13, 2012

Walkthrough for 100 escapers level 2 ! this is quite easy actually, just find 2 hints for safe and you’ll get the solution 🙂

but if you stuck, and wonder how to pass this stage.. just read the help below

100 escapers level 2 walkthrough :
zoom in the blue bucket for code : 996169 (read them upside down) and room 53 ? lol
go to the safe near the rope, and enter the code
pick up the magnifying glass inside

use the magnifying glass on rope near the safe (where you can see the sunlight)
go to the left room and the paper will roll down with a code hint :
green oval + red square + yellow square
green oval + white diamond

just count all the shape with colors and you’ll have : 7 8 6 9
also don’t forget to get a comb from the table in this room

back to the door, use the comb to the mop to get a missing gold ball
go to room with tv, zoom in the bottom left drawer
put the missing gold ball
and now enter the code to the safe : 7869
pick up the key card and open the door with this item !

see you on level 3

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