100 Escapers Level 20 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 14, 2012

The final level for 100 rooms solution is here on 100 escapers level 20 walkthrough

make the room light up with fire to open the door !

guide for the answer :
look for room with statue holding a torch
take a torch from the statue and add a fire using the left torch
get the book and using a torch, burn it to get a knife
heat the knife using torch

find a room with 2 lion heads
use knife on the metal at the bottom
then get a tongs and oil
using tongs, remove the block under the right lion head

use the torch on the metal
then use tongs to bend it
using knife cut it into 2 piece

go to room with head statue
burn the curtains with torch
put the metal on the missing gap (bottom left)

back to the statue with torch
fill the missing gap with metal (under the books)

go to the door
pour down the oil on the right side holder (near torch)
then using torch light it up !

door will open by now 😀
see you on level 21

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