100 Escapers Level 21 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 13, 2012

Here’s the solution for 100 escapers level 21 walkthrough ! The new update for 100 rooms is continued here !

help guide if you stuck 🙂 you only need to find some items

zoom in the door code, click the pin above it
find a glasses on the cabinet
go to window and use the pin to open the lock
zoom in and use the glasses to see a code : 5689
enter the code to the safe and you’ll get a pliers
use the pliers to cut off thorn from porcupine on window
get a pen from the table

combine pen with thorn
use it to blow up the balloon above the bed
you’ll get a code 🙂
use the code on the door !
simple right 😀 see you on level 22

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