100 Escapers Level 23 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 14, 2012

Find a missing keyhole to open the door, the answer is here on 100 escapers level 23 walkthrough !

room 25 solution help :

get a bird nest from the top
open the right cabinet to get a screwdriver
open the left cabinet to get a wood
combine the wood with nest to make a torch

go to room with a big cabinet
find a jar and matches

go to the oven and light it up
use the torch to get a fire

zoom in a hole in the wall
using the torch get a boot
combine jar + boot

back to the oven and put this item, you’ll get a black water on the jar
go to chemistry glass on the left and pour it here
get a ball, use screwdriver to open !
you’ll get the keyhole

use it on the door then tap it to open the door 23 🙂

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