100 Escapers Level 25 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 14, 2012

Want to know the puzzle color code for room 25 ? see the hint answer on 100 escapers level 25 walkthrough

create a wood cutter to cut the tree that blocking the door, it’s kinda weird since we have saw in this stage 😛

here are the help solution guide :
take the ladder near door, next find these items :
plunger,saw, ladder
see the hint code on the tree for the box color, so you know which color to press
it start from bottom to top, but all leaves must be counted.. look at the one in front of tree in case you missed 😛
so press : red blue yellow blue blue yellow
you’ll get a ball of yarn

combine these items :
plunger + saw to get a wood
wood + yarn + twig to get a saw looking bow
use it to cut the tree on the tree
and you’re done ! click the door to open 🙂

see you on 100 escapers level 26 soon !

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