100 Escapers Level 28 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 27, 2012

Help for 100 escapers level 28 walkthrough is here ! Find out the solution how to open the door with a tricky way here !

hint guide :

go to the table to take a paper, scissors and duct tape
get the boxing gloves on the sand bag
zoom in under the window and use scissors to cut the hole
use the duct tape to the pipe so the leaking stop
look on the windowsill to get a small wood with numbers : 8492

open the safe with this number and get some pointy metal inside
combine the metal with duct tape then add it to gloves
use the gloves to the sand bag
you will get a key inside !

use the key to open the drawer on the desk
get a metal wire

go to the door and put the paper underneat the door
use the metal wire into the keyhole
take the paper underneath and you’ll get a key
open the door now 🙂

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