100 Escapers Level 29 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 27, 2012

Answer for 100 escapers level 29 walkthrough is here ! find a secret door inside the car here, but you need to get a missing part first !

room 29 solution guide :

get a rock inside the box on the shelf
use the rock to break the car’s window
click inside the car and press the ‘car’ button to open car hood
go to the car hood and take 2 items : iron pipe and battery
back inside the car and use the iron pipe to open the front box
take a coin inside

go to the vending machine
put the battery on the right side
insert a coin inside
press the ‘push’ red button
take a key

go to the door and use the key to open the box
take a trunk lever
back inside the car and put the trunk lever on the left side near seat
press it to open car’s back
go to the back of the car and click the secret exit !

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