100 Escapers Level 3

By | October 13, 2012

Welcome to 100 escapers level 3 ! if you already play 100 rooms then you’ll notice that this stage already on that android app before !

so i don’t think you’ll have any problem pass this door right ? well, incase you forget.. read the solution below

the answer code is 946317 ! see the step by step guide here

100 escapers level 3 walkthrough
click behind the coffin and get sledgehammer
go to room with 2 dracula posters
get a wire and magnet from the drawer

go to room with coffin on the table, and pick up pliers
use the sledgehammer to break the coffin’s lock
use the pliers to get a tooth from skeleton
combine the wire with pliers to make a hook

go to room with pile of coffins
use the hook on between the coffin hole to get a ball of yarn

back to room with dracula posters
combine tooth + yarn, magnet + yarn
look at the hole on right side of the floor
use the tooth with yarn on the hole
and then use the magnet with yarn to get a lighter

now back to the door and use the lighter on the coffin’s cross
you’ll see a code : 94 317
1 number is missing, just try all numbers.. and you’ll get 6
put the code 946317 on the door !

see you on 100 escapers level 4

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