100 Escapers Level 30 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 27, 2012

Solution guide for 100 escapers level 30 walkthrough will help you create a ‘weapon’ to break through the door room !

answer hint :

take a rope on the door
open the middle drawer on the desk and get a big sharpener (who create something like that ??)
take the plans on the wall
find a table with piece of wood on it, get the wood and saw behind it
combine the wood with the sharpener

go to the chest and for the code you can use the clock time : 10 12
open it and take axe inside
use the axe to break the chest for wooden boards
now you can see the metal pipe
use the saw to cat the metal bars

combine these items in order :
wood + metal bars + wooden boards + rope + plans + axe
you will have a weapon now !
use it on the door to open !

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