100 Escapers Level 4

By | October 13, 2012

Don’t get stressed out with 100 escapers level 4 when you see the coordinates above the door !

we will help you pass this stage with the solution below

100 escapers level 4 walkthrough
get a glasses on the door
take a look of coordinate above the door

go to the bed and zoom in the grey pillow and take a part of telescope

go to room with table, and look on left side !
there’s a trash can with second part of telescope, get it
on the right side there’s a telescope stand
on the table pick up screwdriver and protractor

use the screwdriver on the glasses to get a lens
combine the telescope part into 1 then add the lens
combine it with the stand then add the protractor

now go to the window and put the telescope down
using the coordinates above the door you’ll have :
165 S-W : 3 birds
133 S-W : 6 pyramids
67 S-E : 4 cows
24 S-E : 8 planes

go to room with table and use the screwdriver to open the shelf on the right
zoom in the safe and enter the code 3648
you have a secret door open !

see you on level 5

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