100 Escapers Level 5

By | October 13, 2012

On 100 escapers level 5 it’s another stage from 100 rooms game, so if you still remember how to pass this door you won’t need any help guide below 🙂

if you don’t remember, just follow the walkthrough here !

100 escapers level 5 solution
pick up the sledgehammer and wire around the door
go to room with aquarium and get the drill
go to room with window and pick up the paper on right
zoom in the pipe below it and get the scissors on the window

go to room with table and get a wood

go back to room with window and zoom in the pipe
combine the paper with scissors = circle
combine the wood with circle
use the drill to make a hole on the wood circle
put this item on the pipe

now back to the room with table, and use the hammer to the brick
use the wire to fix the connection
go to the door and open it !

see you on level 6

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