100 Escapers Level 6 Solution

By | October 13, 2012

Pass easily with help walkthrough for this android game : 100 escapers level 6 solution


100 escapers level 6 walkthrough
near the door there is a stick btween stand and chair get it

look for room with big bookshelf
get hammer and juicer from bottom two cabinets on bookshelf

go to room with windows
get lemons off lemon tree
under window there is a bowl
on heater just above bowl is a gum

then find a room with desk
get vase off desk
look at pic by bookshelf us to enter code on desk
music levels are :
up one, top, bottom, up two, and up one
now you only need to bang each one with hammer
after that you’ll get a tube with a hint picture

combine juicer and bowl, strain the lemons
combine tube + vase + stick + lemon juice + gum

back to the door and connect to wires by door with this combined item
click the door to open 🙂

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