100 Escapers Level 8 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 14, 2012

If you forget this stage from 100 rooms, here are the help guide for 100 escapers level 8 walkthrough

room 8 solutions :
get a hammer under stove and plastic bag on fridge

on the Periodic Table of the Elements room
take a look on the table for :
white powder and pliers

get a book on the bookshelf, the bottom row
combine the powder + book
then combine hammer with it
you’ll get a paper with fire

use it on the oven (below pot)
put the plastic bag on the pot then zoom out
zoom in again and use the pliers to take off the peel off wall
then use the wire to connect the wire

go to the door and click the red button
enter the code from the book : 386439
door will open and time for level 9

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