100 Escapers Walkthrough

By | October 13, 2012

Today the developer of 100 rooms, Gipnetix team just released a new android game : 100 escapers. They said that the application is the sequel of 100 Rooms

This means 100 Escapers and includes the very beginning many new levels. There are 9 levels of 100 rooms and 20 completely new levels. We will give you the solution for new level of 100 Escapers soon !

100 Escapers is a room escape game, in which you have to solve various puzzles, must combine items and much more. The new Games App 100 Escapers promises to again many interesting levels and good quality at the level.

100 escapers walkthrough level 1 :
go left and get panties and chair, a drill machine from the drawer and a bat
go to kitchen, put the chair on the right side and climb up the top right drawer
you can find a pliers and screw above it
get a knife from the kitchen
zoom in the sink and use screw on it, you’ll get the sink fan

go to aquarium
zoom in below it to get a drill, combine it with the machine
use the pliers on the iron below aquarium here to get a wire
combine the pliers with wire to make a hook

back to the sink, use the hook to get a nail
combine panties with knife to make a rubber
combine bat with knife to make a small wood
combine wood with drill to make a hole
combine rubber + wood + fan + hook then add nail to make 1 combined item (like a motor boat)

use it to the aquarium
then press it, it will move to the red button and door will open for you !

see you on level 2

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