100 Exits Answer Level 41 – 45 Walkthrough

By | July 27, 2012

Check the 100 exits answer level 41 – 45 here, the latest exit levels 🙂 these floor quite hard so you might need to know how to solve the solution in this walkthrough.

you can follow the step by step guide to pass through each door

100 exits walkthrough level 41 – 45 :

100 exits level 41 walkthrough
there are see some red laser scanner that you need to pass
to open the door you need to drag the green card to the grey area above the exit sign without hitting the laser
click the green card, hold your device upside down above you to turn off the bottom laser, drag the card past it.
tilt the phone to the right to turn off the next laser, then drag the card past it
tilt the phone to the left to turn off the next laser, then drag the card past it
tilt the top of your device downwards, it will turn off the last laser
drag the card into the grey area

100 exits level 42 walkthrough
soo dark 😐 press the switch to turn on the lights
you’ll see 6 animal paw on the wall
click on the bottom left paw and bottom right paw together
now start walking ‘as animal’ to the top one by one (while holding one paw)
left middle paw – right middle paw – left top paw – right top paw – key
the key will drop then use it to open the door

100 exits level 43 walkthrough
there’s a piano ! tilt your device to the right so you can see the clue ‘rest in peace’ with some color
i think this is easy, you only need to match the color with the words and how many press you need
the color on the bottom = piano position
so click these :
blue 4x (#4 from top)
dark green 1x (small key #4 from top)
red 2x (#5 from top)
blue 2x (#4 from top)
green 1x (#3 from top)
blue 1x (#4 from top)
then press all the white key from top to bottom !

100 exits level 44 walkthrough
2 basket ball with ring
flick the basket to shoot it to the ring
you need to reach 44 point, which the number of this floor 🙂

100 exits level 45 walkthrough
black and white strip with numbers ? you only need to enter today’s date (on your device)
example :
25 july = 0725
10 august = 0810
1 sept = 0901

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