100 Exits Level 21 – 30 Walkthrough Solutions

By | July 3, 2012

Challenge yourself with new Exit levels in 100 exits level 21 – 30, there’s also some new update : iPod Touch bugs fix

so solve the puzzle now ! if stuck and wondering how to pass it.. need answers cheat ? look for the solutions below 🙂

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here are the walkthrough guide for 100 exits level 21 to 30 :

100 exits level 21 walkthrough
we have the Tower Of Hanoi puzzle ! well solve it already then 😛
you can see the rules where, you must put the big – small and not the small – big first
here’s the answers :
A = left pole, B = middle pole, C = right pole
Green to B. Yellow to A. Green to A. Red to B. Green to C. Yellow to B. Green to B. Blue to A. Green to A. Yellow to C. Green to C. Red to A. Green to B. Yellow to A. Green to A.
now click the key and use it to open the door 🙂

100 exits level 22 walkthrough
Press the yellow doorknob exactly when the yellow car is in front of the door
The yellow car moves fast and it might take a couple of try

100 exits level 23 walkthrough
Shake your phone until the frame falls down, then you’ll see an emboss of hammer
Press on the hammer outline right above the exit sign
Use the hammer and keep pressing the wall below the exit sign to completely break it

100 exits level 24 walkthrough
Drag the whip to the right side underneath the white “OPEN” sign.
Quickly tilt the top of your phone forward so you whip the “OPEN” sign
Keep doing it until the door opens (4 times)

100 exits level 25 walkthrough
You’ll have a chess board with : 1, 2, and a knight (horse)
Press on the knight on the bottom left corner of the board to start
Now press on the white square (2 up, 1 right) – just like you walk the knight = L
then the black square (2 up, 1 right)
then press on the 1 (1 up, 2 left)

Now press on the black square (1 down, 2 right)
then the white square (1 down, 2 right)
then the 2 in the upper right corner (2 up, 1 right)

You have to ONLY press the squares in the right order
The door will automatically open when you land on the 2

100 exits level 26 walkthrough
Press the word “THINK” 2 times
Then press the locked door on the right 1 time and then the door on the left once

100 exits level 27 walkthrough
there’s some block with letters on truck, the hint is press the floor number in roman numerals
Press E, X, I, T, X, X, V, I, I

100 exits level 28 walkthrough
Drag the colored balls into the trashcan in this order:
Green, White, Red, Blue, Yellow (like the arrow color.. within color :P)

100 exits level 29 walkthrough
Double tap your phone’s “Home” button and do it again to go back to the game
Do this 4 times
Each time you do this, the red “do not enter” signs will disappear.

100 exits level 30 walkthrough
Press I, O, O, E, X, I, T, S (from the top right corner straight to the bottom left corner) – diagonal
Press O, P, E, N, D, O, O, R (3rd row from left to right) – vertical

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