100 Exits Level 46 – 50 Walkthrough

By | August 15, 2012

Usually the higher exit, it will be difficult but this time it got easier 😛 But if you need some “why” explanation for each levels read here : 100 exits level 46 – 50 walkthrough

here are 5 level answer for 100 exits solution :

100 exits level 46 walkthrough
there’s a windows logo (microsoft) but with a different colors
if you remember the original logo, then it’s done 😛
just change it :
top left : orange
bottom left : blue
top right : green
bottom right : yellow

100 exits level 47 walkthrough
there’s a small windmill on the top of the door
look where the directions spins, then move the golden ball to right / left
it should be : right, left, right 2x, left, right, right
each time you made a progress it will turn into green

100 exits level 48 walkthrough
there are 5 bottles, but you only need to count the bubbles in each bottle (most to least)
touch the bottle from left to right :
1st bottle, 2nd bottle, 4th bottle, 3rd bottle, 5th bottle

100 exits level 49 walkthrough
drag the rabit into the magic hat
shake your device until there’s a sound and the hat start to sparkle
press the hat and the door will open

100 exits level 50 walkthrough

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