100 Exits Walkthrough Level 1 – 10 Answer Cheats

By | June 19, 2012

Solve 100 exits now on your iphone / ipod 🙂 Another puzzle door games that will train your brain ! but if you become stressed out, read the 100 exits walkthrough level 1- 10 solution

below are the walkthrough for 100 exits level 1- 10 answers cheats ! if you need answer for exit 11 – 20 please check : 100 exits walkthrough level 11 – 20 solution

100 exit guide :

100 exits level 1 answer
just an introduction to the game, click the door and finish~

100 exits level 2 answer
flip your phone until the wooden bar that blocked the door falls off
now slide the door to the left to open

100 exits level 3 answer
shake your phone until the key drop
use the key on the floor to unlock the door

100 exits level 4 answer
knock the door by pressing it 5x and wait, you’ll see it open

100 exits level 5 answer
press the 2 green button until the red sign on door disappears
then press the door to open

100 exits level 6 answer
tilt your phone to right so the black can stops in front of the door
next tilt the top of your phone toward so the can will move back (bigger)
then move your phone forward ! You will see the door crashed by the can

100 exits level 7 answer
there are 9 button, when you click it will turn black
first turn off the middle button
then click the button like the picture
next click the middle button again and leave the rest to white (like the first one), it will open the door

100 exits level 8 answer
click on and off button until you turn on the light
just follow the picture below :

100 exits level 9 answer
move the car up and down until you get like the picture below :

100 exits level 10 answer
Hold the home button in game (it will turns green) then press home button on your iphone / ipod / ipad
It will close your game 😛
Now try to open 100 exits again, now the door will be open !

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