100 Floors Annex Level 16 17 18 19 20 Walkthrough

By | August 21, 2013

A lot of troublesome puzzle on this stage to solve 🙁 so if you need more help or you don’t understand the answer explanation just ask here on 100 floors annex level 16 17 18 19 20 walkthrough for all floor solutions 😀
100 Floors By Tobi Apps Limited Can You Escape ?

here are some cheats before you start :
On floor 18 it might be troublesome for you, so just follow the video guide to easily solve them 😀
floor 19 will take a lot of time to waste on 😐 just keep trying !

100 floors annex level 16 walkthrough
tap the lever on right and balace the ball on the stick by tilting your phone

100 floors annex level 17 walkthrough
drag the shape of each block to fit into the squares :
horizontal red on top right
horizontal yellow below the red on right
purple below the yellow on the bottom right
green on top left
horizontal orange on bottom left

100 floors annex level 18 walkthrough
you must have the line like the floor, so click on the dots until you have the color like this :
row 1: green blue green blue
row 2: red red green yellow
row 3: green yellow blue blue
row 4: red yellow red yellow


100 floors annex level 19 walkthrough
click the ball from top to make it fall
swipe the ball on floor so it hit all the 3 red buttons

100 floors annex level 20 walkthrough
press on these buttons to make the ball drop into the hole :
1. left 3x
2. right – up
3. right 2x
4. up

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