100 Floors Annex Walkthrough Level 1 – 5

By | August 2, 2012

After you complete the original main tower then you can continue for other 100 floors annex ! currently there’re only 5 levels available 🙂 here are the solution if you want to know how to pass each floor

100 floors annex walkthrough level 1 – 5 :

100 floors annex level 1 walkthrough
a dead tree ? with rock and rope
Select the knife in your inventory to cut the rope
there will be a bird’s egg falling
Tap the egg before it hits the ground
Select the egg from inventory and tap the nest.

100 floors annex level 2 walkthrough
green dot connected to each other
swipe line from the top right to the middle and then to mid left
pull the lever

100 floors annex level 3 walkthrough
rock vs paper vs scissor ?
The left column should read 5, 0, 2.
The right column should read 0, 2, 5.

100 floors annex level 4 walkthrough
a line playing guitar and a drum
tap the drum to the beat him, there’s a hint above the door for timing
notice that every time you tap correcty the dots turned pink

100 floors annex level 5 walkthrough
2 bookshelves ?
tilt your device forward to make all the books fall
drag the left bookcase to the middle to see the X mark, then drag it back
drag the right bookcase to the middle to see the O mark, then drag it back
now you only need to mark the door with X and O
here’s the position :
top middle X, left middle X, bottom middle X, bottom right X
bottom left O, bottom middle O, right middle O, and finally the top middle O

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