100 Floors Answers Level 11 – 20 Solutions

By | July 11, 2012

The solutions for 100 floors level 11 – 20 are easy floor, but if you stuck on one of these doors and want to proceed to the next levels you can see the answers for this puzzle game below !

how to pass level 11 – 20 on 100 floors

100 floors walkthrough level 11 – 20 :

100 floors level 11 answer
Put 2 balls into the center hole
Hold the phone with the screen facing up
tilt the phone so the ball on the left and bottom goes to the center
now wait for 3 seconds and you’ll have the door open 🙂

100 floors level 12 answer
press the bottom left red button raidly until the top of the pillar lights up green
now press the bottom right red button until the top of the pillar lights up green
done ! go to next floor

100 floors level 13 answer
Shake your phone to make the hammer drop
click the hammer and choose it from your inventory then continuously press on the wall until it breaks

100 floors level 14 answer
hold your finger on the green panel on the right until the door opens

100 floors level 15 answer
Press the numbers in the following order:
1, 6, 4, 3.

100 floors level 16 answer
pick the screwdriver on the ground
select the screwdriver from your inventory and press on each of the 4 screws on the corners to remove them
press the wall to add the gold board to your inventory
hold the phone upright, flip it upside down

100 floors level 17 answer
hold your device upright, tilt the phone to move the ball.
press the blue buttons in the following order by moving the ball on and off the button:
LEFT blue button 1x
RIGHT blue button 2x
LEFT blue button 3x
RIGHT blue button 2x

100 floors level 18 answer
Press the 5 little BLUE squares very fast so they all stay lit up at the same time.

100 floors level 19 answer
pick up the red rag on the ground
select the red rag from your inventory and press on the spider web on the right side of the door to remove it
make sure your red rag is still selected, then swiping your finger across the doors to clean it

100 floors level 20 answer
Click th screw on the ground to pick it up
Move the yellow caution sign away to the left so you can see the hole that ned to be screwed
Select the screw from your inventory and click that hole
Select your screwdriver from your inventory and press the screw you just put in

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