100 Floors Answers Level 31 – 40 Door Walkthrough

By | June 27, 2012

Need some hint or walkthrough tips to pass 100 floors level 31 – 40 ? then you came into the right place ! because we have some solution guide if you stuck in some doors

read each floor stage answers below, and if you need 10 more floor read the 100 floors walkthrough level 41 – 50

100 floors level 31 answer
Click the screwdriver from inventory
use it to unscrew the sign on the door and flip it
so it will read : F 31

100 floors level 32 answer
Click two patterns to switch, put the patterns in the following order:
Top row: 2, 3
Middle row: 1, 4, 7
Bottom row: 5, 6

100 floors level 33 answer
There are 3 buttons : white, yellow, red
Press the correct colored button that matches the image on the door, 5 correct times in a row will open the door:
Cloud = white button
Snowflake = white button
Fire = red button
Cherry = red button
Banana = yellow button
Pear = yellow button

100 floors level 34 answer
Click on the square that spell “1 0 0 F L O O R S”

100 floors level 35 answer
Click the cord to plug it into the socket
Press the black bars to turn them on and off
Make it show the number “35”

100 floors level 36 answer
the hint is to click the thing that you see in real life from the bottom to the top
so click these pictures in order :
Fish, Dog, Apple, Plane, Moon

100 floors level 37 answer
there are 3 button that pressed, so you need to release it
Move the barrel away to the right, so you can see the green button
Slide your finger down in the top left corner where you can see the square to remove the panel
now pick the round item to inventory, you will see the second green button
for the last green button just hold your phone upside down, you will see it 😛

100 floors level 38 answer
Move all the hands so that they fall in the green region at the same time !
First move the biggest, smallest, then middle clocks (click faster)

100 floors level 39 answer
Draw a diagonal line from the right top dot downwards
then straight up
back down diagonally
and straight left

100 floors level 40 answer
Set your phone to silent ! Using the volume button on the side of the phone, turn it all the way down to open the door.

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