100 Floors Christmas Level 1 – 15 Walkthrough

By | December 2, 2012

New season tower special for christmas is here ! update and read all the 100 christmas walkthrough here from level 1 – 15 a complete cheats solution just for you 🙂

the puzzle are difficult so read how to pass each floor that you stuck on these help answers

The Holiday season is here, just in time for the Seasons Tower to open up 15 NEW Floors! During this holiday, Challenge yourself with 15 NEW festive Christmas themed levels!

100 christmas level 1 walkthrough
when is christmas ? it’s 25th december
so change it to 1225 by :
click 3rd arrow up 1x
click 4th arrow up 1x
click 1st arrow up 1x
click 2nd arrow down 3x
click 4th arrow up 3x
click 1st arrow up 3x
it will leave you with 1 and 5 with middle door open 🙂

100 christmas level 2 walkthrough
drag the stars to make a christmas tree
middle star to the bottom right
right star to the bottom middle
left star to bottom left
then fix the postion and click the snowflake on right

100 christmas level 3 walkthrough
click the left switch and wait for present
drag the present and pick up the horse piece and key
use the key on chimney keyhole

100 christmas level 4 walkthrough
move the column and row to connect the lines :
column 1 up 2x, column 2 down 1x, row 2 left 1x
column 2 down 1x, row 3 left 2x
column 2 down 1x, row 3 right 1x
row 1 right 1x, column 3 up 1x, row 1 left 1x

100 christmas level 5 walkthrough
change all the snowflake into another shape
the answer : top left, bottom right, middle, top right, bottom left
click the hammer and break the left glass

100 christmas level 6 walkthrough
change the position between blue and red
blue into empty slot – red to the left
blue from empty slot to the right – red into the empty slot
bottom blue block to the right side
red from the empty slot into the bottom left
the important thing is you must keep remove the blue to outside so the 1st red can keep the top right position first
keep doing until all color changed position

100 christmas level 7 walkthrough
make all the letters light up, start from L at row 3, column 2.
follow the correct order with hint : L=left R=right D=down U=up
Press L, D, R, R, R, U, L, U, R, U, L, L, D, L, U, R


100 christmas level 8 walkthrough
click the 4 red buttons so the position mirrored, click :
Top left, Top right, Top left, Top right, Top left, Top left

100 christmas level 9 walkthrough
press the switch to see red blocks, click from :
Bottom left, Top right, Bottom right, Top left, Middle
to make all of them light up

100 christmas level 10 walkthrough
put the horse piece and make the chess board into black with L move
the last one you need to sacrifice 1 step and repeat it again to make all black

100 christmas level 11 walkthrough
use the hammer to break “1” crack
move the numbers into the correct position :
red on top left
orange to top right
green to bottom left
pink on bottom right

100 christmas level 12 walkthrough
if you do the right math you should have :
X Y A B = 3 2 1 5

100 christmas level 13 walkthrough
a puzzle with HH shape, move them into the correct position

100 christmas level 14 walkthrough
connect the lines by pressing dots
follow the hint on the floor

100 christmas level 15 walkthrough
make the blue block move into the top right

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