100 Floors Level 41 – 50 Door Tips Walkthrough

By | June 25, 2012

Stuck and want to know how to open door for 100 floors level 41 – 50 ? then read the guide tips here ! where you can pass each floor easily with these answers solution 😀

look for the next 10 stage in : 100 floors walkthrough level 51 – 60

here are the cheat answer for 100 doors level 41 -50 :

100 floors level 41 walkthrough
there are 4 symbol and you need to change the place into :
Top left = Triangle
Top right = Line
Bottom left = Hourglass
Bottom right = Triangle

100 floors level 42 walkthrough
click on the switch on the bottom right side of the door
it will turn off the light
move the left half of the door to the left, and the right half of the door to the right.
move the top half of the door up, and the bottom half of the door down.
then change the shapes to the following:
Top left = Triangle
Top right = Square
Bottom left = Circle
Bottom right = Diamond

100 floors level 43 walkthrough
Move both plants to the middle, you will see a hole on the left side
select the silver ball from your inventory and put it in the hole
tilt your device so the ball rolls along the pipe toward the green button
When the door opens, move the plants out of the way and press the green arrow

100 floors level 44 walkthrough
just like before, move the plant out of the way to see the hint
now click the different shape of the elevator door to the following:
1st part = Gray
2nd part = White
3rd part = Black
4th part = White

100 floors level 45 walkthrough
click on hammer from your inventory to break the air conditioner on the top of the door
click the knife on the bottom left side, and cut the string holding the balloon down
tilt your phone left so the balloon floats toward the red button on the ceiling

100 floors level 46 walkthrough
change the images on the wall so it matches the reflection on the ground
here’s the cheat :
Top left: 3 times
Top middle: 3 times
Top right: 3 times

Middle left: 3 times
Middle middle: 2 times
Middle right: 3 times

Bottom left: 2 times
Bottom middle: 1 time
Bottom right: 2 times

100 floors level 47 walkthrough
just change the shape like the picture below :
now to open the door you need to click the bottom left corner square !

100 floors level 48 walkthrough
pick knife from your inventory and cut the vines covering the door
count the flowers and press the colored button the same number of times
you will see a bar filling up above the button !

100 floors level 49 walkthrough
Press the square of : Pa, S, S, W, O, Rd

100 floors level 50 walkthrough
Just press the yellow sign (knocking picture) on the door over and over
you will see the green bar above the door moving 🙂 keep doing until it full and go to the next stage !

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