100 Floors Level 51 – 60 Hints Walkthrough

By | June 24, 2012

Stuck with some doors with 100 floors puzzle game and need a guide to open door pass ? here are the walkthrough for 100 floors level 51 – 60 hints !

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here are the list of cheats answer for floor 51-60 of 100 floors :

100 floors level 51 hints
When you click the white square on the door, it will become black
Now click it until they resemble a sword => -+–

100 floors level 52 hints
Click on the red circle button of the snowflakes until the numbers read 1, 2, 2, 5

100 floors level 53 hints
Pull down the red hook in the top right corner to lift the crate
Tap the black handle behind the box and it will turn off the electricity
click on the wire cutter behind the bar to your inventory
use it to break the cage

100 floors level 54 hints
there’s a calculator with numbers, click these number 03150405

100 floors level 55 hints
Tilt your device until you find the other squares and they all fit together.
Just tilt your phone in different directions you will some shape to unlock 😛

100 floors level 56 hints
Change the numbers like this:
1st row: 4
2nd row: 3 and 5
3rd row: 5
4th row: 2 and 4

100 floors level 57 hints
Hold down the red button until the hook is above the ball
Pull down the hook and pick up the ball
Hold down the red button until the ball is in front of the door
Click the ball until the door breaks

100 floors level 58 hints
Press the white piano keys in this order:
Right, Middle, Left, Middle
Right, Right, Right, Left
Middle, Middle, Right, Middle, Left

100 floors level 59 hints
Take the stone and throw it at the window in the upper left corner
Press the mirror twice so it’ll fire light at the pile of sticks
Pick up the stick and use it on the fire so you light your stick
Use your fire stick on the lever to melt the ice
Pull the lever to open the door

100 floors level 60 hints
Use the fire stick to light the tikis on each side of the door
Tap the drums in this order:
red = 4
navy blue = 2
white = 1
light blue = 4

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