100 Floors Valentine’s Day Level 6 7 8 9 10 Walkthrough

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Update and look on seasons tower because there are 15 new levels for Valentine’s Special ! and here are the solution for part 2 : 100 floors valentine’s day level 6 7 8 9 10 walkthrough

with these cheat you can progress with the stage that you stuck on and pass for next one, look for the valentine theme hints on each puzzle !

100 floors valentines special answers :

100 floors valentine level 6 walkthrough
shake your phone / device to make the arrow fall
use it on cupid
press the bow to shoot, you must hit both heart to open the door

100 floors valentine level 7 walkthrough
change the spotlight into 2 1 4 :
1st light to 3rd spot
2nd light to 2nd spot
3rd light to 1st spot
4th light to 2nd spot
5th light to 2nd spot

100 floors valentine level 8 walkthrough
change the love symbol direction so it pointed inside
press these love symbols :
bottom left 2x
top left 2x
top right 1x
top 4x


100 floors valentine level 9 walkthrough
4 arrow on floor that you must press, thx to ssa2207 for the answer :

100 floors valentine level 10 walkthrough
change the position of hearts, blue on bottom left and red on bottom right
just use the rose to make the hearts move :) easy right ?

proceed to level 11 – 15

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  • Jeanette

    the up arrow is “u”
    right is “R”
    down is “D”
    left is “L”
    match the letters with the first letter of the picture. Go in order of the hint on top.

  • Dave

    Level 9? KONAMI CODE!!!!